Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Playing with Solids

Robert Kaufman, Kona Cotton Solids, to be precise. I LOVE a good quality solid! The Kona solids are, in my experience, beautiful to work with. Never again, will I buy homespun for my quilts. There are a number of online spots to buy Kona, including a very new one called 'Simply Solids'. If you live in the UK, take advantage of the free delivery, you only have to spend over 15 pounds, and quite honestly, that's easy to do!! Go on, take a peak!

Also check out the 'Simply Solids' blog too, it's written by 'Made with Love by Mandy', so you know it's going to be good!!! lol, not me, wish it was!

And why? Am I telling you this.......well Lily's Quilts is having a giveaway, and I want to win it!!! The prize is a stunning package of 22 Kona Solid fat quarters! No, I don't mind if you enter too, of course not. I'm a firm believer in the 'more the merrier' attitude. The second best thing to winning the prize, would be to *know* someone who did. So, be sure to come back and let me know if you win, I'll be so thrilled for you!

Cheerio for now
x Mandy

Friday, June 18, 2010

Such a happy swap!

As well as participating in the Doll Quilt Swaps on Flickr, I also enjoy belonging to the Mini QT Swap. The mini quilts swapped, are usually are between 6 and 12 inches.

The theme for May was black & while + one other colour, not square or rectangle. I had promised myself to do no more swaps until DQS9, but...........I Just. Could. Not. Resist that theme!

I was partnered with Kimberly of bahamadawn, a very talented and creative lady, living in, yup, you guessed, The Bahamas! What a thrill! We exchanged addresses and colour preferences for the quilt we would be receiving. I asked for an Ocean colour, and I decided on using Fuchsia, from Kimberly's correspondence. Shape! eek! But this is why I love swaps, they challenge me to create outside my own preferences. Pink! 10 million raspberries! Pink, just doesn't do it for me, Pink, oh me, oh my!

I got over it of course, and this is what I sent to Kimberly......

I'm really pleased how it turned out. Thank you Jane for the loan of your wedge template, ooops I think I still have it! This is what I happened in the middle, it started out as such a small thought. What would it look like if I back stitched along the printed lines on the flower. I liked it, and, just kept going. So now I am experimenting with beads in my quilts. But just a few, I don't want it to detract from the fabric.

I enjoyed all the hand quilting, and the ric rac was fun to use too!

So......I hear you say, what did I receive?

One little birdie,

two little birdies,

three little birdies,

in a darling birdcage!

Isn't it divine! Kimberly also made a copper wire hook, and attached it to the top of the cage, for me to hang it up. Such a fab little piece, I sooooo adore it. Thanks again Kimberly!

I'll have to show you more from this group. Because we also swap 3.5" little blocks, in groups from 9 - 16!!! I've participated in two of these. One with a "Spring Fling" theme and another with the b & w + 1 colour theme. We were all given a specific colour, mine was Amber. The last block arrived yesterday. I'll get the camera out soon and take the necessary photo's.

Okay, that's enough from me for the moment.
Cheerio for now!
x Mandy

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Catch up!

I've been away from my Blog so long, I can't remember if I have shared some of these photo's! I don't think I have, but my apologies if I repeated myself.

This is the DQS8 quilt that I sent to my partner, The Sometimes Crafter. I really enjoyed using the grey to highlight some of my fave big floral prints. And the variegated grey DMC thread was perfect for some simple running stitches. I wanted to try and emphasize the weave effect of the floral fabrics. I was pretty pleased with the outcome!

This one also has some running stitches! More along the Sashiko line though. The Sashiko panels are also my own work. The cushion size panel comes from Japan, it has pre-printed lines to follow. I found the hand sewing to be very relaxing. But decided to cut up the panel to make this Wall Hanging. The indigo fabrics are from my first Jelly Roll purchase. I just couldn't resist all those different Indigo 2 1/2' strips. I really enjoyed making this one, I gave it to a good friend for her Birthday.

This is a tiny Coin quilt! I sent this along as part of a fabric swap. Ack! I can't remember which one!

Ahhhh, this one is quite recent. I called it 'Amy Butler Sorbet', I am sure all these colours could be found at a Gelato bar. It went to Melanie, and was a DQS Angel quilt. Poor Melanie waited a long time to get her quilt. I hope this made up for it. Me and my monochromatic prints, I do so love them!

Look!!! I've finally pieced another big quilt, I've even quilted it, just trying to decide if I've quilted it enough though. Each pinwheel is about 18", yes huge! It is a ORBC quilt-along quilt. I'm really quite pleased I've started to use some of my yardage. I've definitely got over my 'cutting fabric' hesitation! 'The Old Red Barn Co.' Flickr group is like a second home to me, along with the 'Doll Quilt Swap' group and the 'Mini QT Swap' group.

I've found I have more conversations with people in these three groups. It feels so good to talk to like minded quilting/fabric peeps. I don't really get to chat to people, about my obsession, in my daily life.

I've got more to share, more Bee blocks, a Mini QT Swap quilt (sent and received). Plus some adorable 3 1/2 " blocks from 2 swaps. Oh and DQS9 sign ups are happening again. I love swaps!

Cheerio for now
x Mandy