Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A finish........or three

the promised finish . . . . .

The quilting for outer blocks stumped for a day or so. I felt I needed to secure the edges, but didn't want to do a straight line squared border. I really, really like how it turned out, and can't wait to make another one.

Finish no.2 is a Christmas table runner. Although I've called it 'Christmas and Beyond', because you can easily flip it for everyday use. The backing fabric is one of my all time fave fabrics "Lady Yang' from Alexander Henry, and one of the very first fabric's I bought on line as I just had to have it! It measures about 10" x 35" and I straight line quilted it, with the lines 1/2" apart. That really satisfied the vrooom, vroooom yearing!

And the 3rd finish is the Ellie cushion there on my Nook stand. I pieced those letters so long ago (seems like it anyway) using a Trimmings pack from Umbrella Prints. I couldn't think what to do with it then, then last week I told myself to just make a cushion. So I did, and I just love how it turned out. Sometimes you just need to wait for the inspiration to strike, don't you!

Cheerio for now, thank's for visiting. I'll be back at the weekend to show you the super duper, fantabulous mail I received from my buddy in Virginia, DeeRoo. I was floored!

x Mandy

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


cot quilt by mandalin18
cot quilt, a photo by mandalin18 on Flickr.
Quilted and bound and at The Nook in Leura. Some silly person (, forgot to take a picture!!!! I'll go up tomorrow and amend that....Very excited to have had a finish though. Yeehar!!! 

But not as much as I'd like, I was worried that my Janone was about to expire on me!

Thankfully a good friend has stepped in and loaned me one for a few days, phew! I think mine will be okay for little jobs, but not for the quilting of even a small cot quilt.

So, you and me quilt, on the Paff, tomorrow morning, k!

Still on track,
x Mandy

Sunday, November 11, 2012

design wall

I think I'm in need of one

A low volume green and blue cot quilt in the making. Cheer me on as I'm aiming to finish it by Friday! I'm hoping this design will come together easily and quickly, and that I'll be able  to eventually make them in my sleep. Part of a Christmas stock plan for my Mandalin space at the Nook in Leura. I want to make a pink/purple one after this one and then a red/yellow. I'm loving red and yellow at the moment. How about you, what's your fave duo colour combo right now?

Anywho, back to it
x Mandy