Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Giveaway Prize

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The winner is in Australia, woo hoo, but it's not me *sigh*. I do count that as a near miss though! I'm very happy for Emma of Sampaguita Quilts, who is the lucky winner.

Isn't this a wonderful little Quilt!
And yes!!! It's the prize in a giveaway.
I had to enter, and get the 3 extra entry's for putting it on my blog.
I can hear all the stories from my boys about space chases with rockets and spaceships. It's called 'Sunrise' and as an adult I can see that. But I know my boys will see a planet, stars and the universe.

If you'd like to enter too, pop along here and leave a comment.

Too easy I say

Good Luck!
X Mandy

Saturday, August 22, 2009

DQS7 Top Finished

Now ALL I have to do is quilt it! I've decided to hand quilt on the orange solid only, Therefore hoping the small triangles and center with plump up!! Although I also might follow a few of the fruit lines in the center as well. Not sure. And I've decided to follow the star shape, in ever increasing circles. Well that's the plan in my head, will have to see if it's achievable.

Also been doing a bit of this. The blocks are sewn into 7 rows, I now have to finalize their arrangement. I did have them numbered, but have noticed that a couple of the same block ,are too close to each other. Not a big deal, just that my eye goes to them instantly every time I look at it. I'm liking the colours together, I'm liking it a lot actually. But I'll probably offer it for sale at my children's School 'Falls Art Fest' in October.

Back into the garden for me now, it's too nice to be inside today.
X Mandy

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Quick DQS7 update

Currently measuring just shy of 12 1/2 ", I've another row around to do. Then I'll have to decide whether to do a few thin borders or not. I don't want it to get too big!!! It is after all meant to be a dolls quilt. Hmmm, will have to wait and see. If anyone out there has any ideas about the quilting for this little baby, I'd be mightily glad to hear them. My only thought so far, is to hand quilt, somehow. Hmmm, more thought needed. Oh, you know what, this is a heap of fun!!

ok, cheerio then
X Mandy

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Today in my Garden




Manchurian Pear


Spring is on her merry way

This little chap decided he wanted to come with me

both now popped into their envelopes,
and heading to Beth and Robyn

Cheerio for now
X Mandy

Monday, August 10, 2009

My Quilt for Amelie

has arrived safely at it's new home.

Amelie's Mum (hanies) has posted a photo on Flickr

of Amelie with her Quilt

I tell you my heart nearly burst with joy
at the sight of her holding her quilt.

This is the back, before quilting. I enjoyed messing about with the different shapes.

Which is good, because John (of quiltdad) is hosting a Wonky Cabin quilt-along from September 1st. I will endeavour to finish enough of my WIP's so I can join in. I love the randomness of wonky blocks, and how they are all contained within a regular quilt shape. I'm also hoping to use some of my fabric that has already be cut into.

And I have to apologise to my giveaway winners, I seem to have mislaid a week somewhere. If anyone saw one running away, it was mine. All of a sudden it's August 10th!!! I had said I was going to post to my winners on the 5th. I'm truly sorry to be late, the good news though, is that Robyn your Bag is finished, and Beth your Owl is being stitched tonight, sewn and stuffed tomorrow. They will definitely be posted this Wednesday. I really don't know where that week went.

Lastly, I've purchased again on Etsy, I had permission people, and I would recommend Amber of One Shabby Chick to anyone. It was a lovely experience, one I wouldn't hesitate to do again, funds permitting of course. She has some fab fabric, sold as sets she puts together. The girl has a knack of putting fabric together. She's also a talented sewer, I have an idea she did some test sewing for 'Melly & Me'. Go and have a look, her prices are really good, I wouldn't have done it if it wasn't.

Anywho, I've a owl to sew.
Cheerio for now
X Mandy

Monday, August 3, 2009

Kiddies Quilt & DQS7

She's off! Winging her was to B____n, as we speak.

Making this quilt was a real roller coaster ride for me. There were many firsts while making it. My first wedge piecing, first applique, first _____ on a quilt, first pieced back, AND first free motion quilting. Well, actually, no, second free motion quilting. Because my first real free motion quilting, which was supposed to be just a practice piece, I turned into a mini doll quilt. And gave to a good friends little girl. I seemingly have to make something out of everything. Here's a picture of it.

Which reminds me of another first, oh alright, second on the Kiddies Quilt, multi pieced binding. Not really very difficult, but look at those corners, I think I need to work on mitred corners a bit more.
So...... the roller coaster. Remembering, this is the first Quilt I have made for a swap. My first Quilt Swap. Somewhere in the middle of making it, too late to start over, I got worried. I forgot who the quilt was for, a 3 year old, and started to worry that it didn't stack up. I saw numerous imperfections, and couldn't continue. Needless to say, I got over it and stopped worrying, and finished a quilt I am proud of, even it's wonkiness. Because I made it with my heart, it is the best I could do and totally with this small person in mind. And I think every true crafts person can recognise that in other peoples work. It was a lesson I had to learn, and it has stood me in good stead for DQS7. My confidence has soared, and I think my new DQS work reflects that. It's not that I don't care what my partners think, it's because if I can make it to my satisfaction, then I have done my best. My Dad always said to me during school, "do the best you can". It's all we can ask of each other and ourselves.

I have chosen a prominent colour (orange) from my partners web spaces and from then on totally self-indulged myself. Pink, orange and red with a small bit of green. If you'd asked me a month ago if I would put those colours in one piece of work. I'd have said no, instantly. But, here they are in all their glory. They do make me smile.

Anywho, back to my 50th post winners bag. Oh yes, I've not forgotten, I just had to start DQS, I was itching to see those fabrics together.

Cheerio for now
X Mandy

Sunday Stash #9

Sunday Stash #9
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This was my Sunday Stash from last week! I Flickr'd it but forgot to blog, blame it on DQS7. I'm so lovin', finally being involved with this group. I'll be doing a post about my progress soon, maybe later today! It's either feast or famine seemingly with my posts.