Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Wonkiness is free!

My first 2 wonky blocks.

Gee I enjoyed making these. I'm not sure I'll be able to stop! So much freedom in picking fabric scraps, whacking them around a cute center image and then putting a solid border on. Love it! These are just a few of the scraps that mommymae sent me with my DQS7 quilt. I just used a calico remnant I got from Lincraft for the border. I'm going to make them into little zippered pouches for the 'Falls Artfest'. YES!!! I finally had a go at putting in a zip! Crazy to wait so long to try it.

Red Apple

Green Apple

Pencil Case

Christmas Gift Bag

These little bags (I'm making about 10) are made from already sewn blocks I purchased from One Shabby Chick on etsy. I was going to make a Christmas Quilt to sell at the 'Falls Artfest', but had a brainwave to make some Christmas gift bags, they ended up about 8" square. I think they turned out cute!

Cheerio for now
X Mandy

Saturday, September 26, 2009

DQS7 received

from the lovely mommymae......I just love how the colours in the quilt echo the colours I choose for my garden. I actually added this one to my fav's on Flickr, I commented on many, but really only fav'd a few. So........I was very, very, happy, when I opened the parcel. Jenny also included a bundle of stunning scraps, all my fav colours. I've promised some wonky cabin blocks will come out of them. Absolutley sure about that.

I've also received my Friendship Bag Swap bag (or should I say bags!!!). But haven't managed to take a good enough photo yet. Also in the mail came a fabric trade from the US. My very first piece of Munki Munki. It's oh so new to me. I think it's a clothing line, that has Heather Ross designs on it. Anyhow, I am now the proud owner of a pyjama leg! But...it is a bright red, teetering on orange background, with a lost, 3 eyed, Martian family on it. Some are on the mobile, some are looking at space maps and some are looking rather confused. Rohan, over my shoulder, saw a block made with the fabric and asked if I could get some. I commented on the photo about what Rohan had said, and she offered a swap! Love this crafty community.

Anyhow, the long and the short of it is.....I need to take some more photo's.
Be back in a day or so.
Cheerio for now
X Mandy

Monday, September 21, 2009

Sunday Stash #12

Arcadia by Sanae for Moda

I was a very lucky gal last week. The postie brought me two parcels. Still waiting on a few to arrive, darn English postal workers have been on strike. I'm all for people getting a fair wage, but I also want me parcels!!

I was a runner-up in a giveaway on the fab blog 'I'm a ginger monkey' a little while ago. I hadn't even realised there was a runner-up prize, so it was a wonderful surprise. In my parcel was a packet of Skittles sweets (gone in a blink of an eye), a fab caravan with tiny garden postcard, lovely drawstring bag (below) and an Arcadia charm pack. Oh, was I happy, I think the feet did actually leave the ground in a jump of joy! I so LOVE that Arcadia fabric and had never seen the whole line. I lurve those circles and the wild leaf pattern (bottom left). I had previously purchased 4 fat 1/4's online from FreshFabricAustralia. I'd never seen them other than online, but knew I'd love them. Prior to my charm pack arriving, I though I might have to mix the Arcadia with my Wonderland, they have a very similar feel and weight. But I had held off as I just wasn't sure, now I don't need too. Thank You very much Katy.

Now for my second parcel...........see that lovely little Wonderland bag...isn't it just the cutest!
That has come from Jennie at Clover & Violet. I confess it is another giveaway win, although the two wins were a couple of months apart. Said British postal strike has meant most parcels are not arriving, anywhere near on time. I have to tell you again that this is the sweetest bag, not just because of the MoMo, although the more I look at Wonderland the more I love it (small stash happening). But it's the shape of the bag, the central pleat, the quilting and the binding along the top. So very cute, cute, cute. I really would like to try and make a slightly bigger shoulder size version. I just went to check Clover & Violet, and see that they have a new addition the their Etsy shop. A pdf downloadable pattern for this darling bag.

Well that's me done for the night. We had to be up at 5.30 am this morning and in the car by 6.00 am. Nearly 9 yr old made it to a Regional Primary School Sports Assoc. Carnival, which was at Sydney Olympic Park. He ran in the U9 100m, in a proper stadium, on a proper track, oh so exciting. He did very well, just missing out on the Final, coming 13th out of 31 boys from all over Sydney West. He ran a PB to get to Regional and then ran another PB to come 13th. We are so very proud him, he's our very own CHAMP!

Like the hoodie! Apparently, if you go to Regional, you just have to have one!

Cheerio for now,
X Mandy

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday Stash #11

starting top left and then going clockwise

Lady Yang, Alexander Henry - Begonia leaves, Philip Jacobs - Peonies, Heather Bailey
Lotus leaves, Kaffe Fassett - City Girl, Kitty Yoshida - Lilac Rose, Philip Jacobs

I'd wanted these for the longest time, and when I could get them all from the one place, I just couldn't resist. I never meant for them to all to sit so well together, so it was a very pleasant surprise when they did! The photo is a little flash happy, because the green on the Peonies, the Lilac Rose green and the little bit of green in Lady Yang balance the red beautifully.
I've got quite a few fabrics for zig-zag quilt-along here now, but everything is on hold as I start to build stock for the Falls Artfest. I've got my 'Friendship Bag Swap' to post and my September 'Show & Tell' blocks to finish and them I'll be off. I did start a bag to enter into the Amy Butler 'Mid West Modern' contest, but haven't finished it in time. No worries, it can go in the Artfest.

Cheerio for now
X Mandy

Monday, September 7, 2009

DQS7 posted

Here is my finished Doll Quilt for Swap #7.

A close up of the quilting, I finally decided on.
I tried free motion, liked what I did, but decided on something simpler.
I used a 1/4" masking tape, but could have probably got by without it.


My local 'Falls art fest' is approaching again soon, 23rd to 25th October 2009. There is a web site this year, so pop over here and take a look. I've decided to do some pencil cases and small bags. Even though all my large bags went last year, I don't realistically have the time. I also thought about button hair slides, just not too sure how to attach the self covered button to the hair grip. I should finish off a couple of small quilt tops I've had hanging around, now that I have my free-motion foot. Yes I will, it's so daft to not finish them.

Enough computer time for today
Cheerio for now,
X Mandy

Sunday Stash # 10

Love the clean, clear, crisp colours of these fabrics.
purchased from Bella & Vintage Chic.
Good Luck Kerry on the bricks and mortar venture,
I wish you every success.