Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kiddies Quilt for the boys

The boys were very excited to open this parcel, as they knew it held something very special. A quilt made for them, and made (mostly) by another boy! Of course he had some help from Mum, but not that much! Read here, how proud one Momma is of her young man, and rightly so.

lots of tape to get through

but finally


that doesn't look like a quilt?

lots of other goodies inside!!

favourite kind of toys

ah, there it is, 'that's really cool Mum'

these were a hit too!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Paper Bag Swap reveal

Now Maree has received her swap parcel, I can post about what I made for her.
Here is 'Ollie', as Maree has named him, cute, and a bag to match.

The pattern for the Owl came from a magazine, and the bag was dreamt up by me. It's just a glorified small tote really, but with a long shoulder handle.

In my little giveaway, Beth correctly guessed an Owl and Robyn guessed a bag. I have to finish my 'Kiddies Quilt' swap first, then I will make these and post them out.

Not feeling great today, there's been a few different virus going around these parts, and I think I might be going down with one. Not a lot of energy and too many visits to the bathroom! Like you really need to know that!

Anywho, I'm off to make a picnic and take the boys to the lake. Grabbing a coffee on the way, then sit in a sunny spot and watch them frolic, and listen to their remote controlled boats! Yes Dad (Grandad A), I'll take the camera!!!

cheerio for now,
X Mandy

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Favs for DQS7
Originally uploaded by mandalin18

My inspiration mosaic for DQS7

A lot of us in DQS7 are creating these mosaic's (using fd's Flickr Toys). It gives our secret partner some clues as to what colours and shapes we love in a quilt. I guess it's a mood board.
I've created links to all photo's listed. If you love one of these pictures (how can you not?) go visit these people on Flickr, let them know.

1. quilt (finished), 2. broken star, 3. Log Cabin Quilt Top, 4. IMG_1346, 5. Sew Connected 2- July take 1, 6. Kaffe Fassett circles, 7. Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 016, 8. Kaffe Fassett Wheel of Fortune, 9. hexagons, 10. Dutch Pinwheels Quilt, 11. DQS 6??? shall we sew??, 12. Ripple, 13. Pet Hate, 14. Quilt 5, 15. green kaleidoscope quilt, 16. Kaffe Fassett Morning Garden Quilt

Sunday Stash #8

Michelle D'Amore - Bleeker Street

Wondering if I can use them in the Doll Quilt Swap #7

Hope so

Cheerio for now
X Mandy

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paper Bag Swap goodies

A huge thank you to Maree for these Paper Bag Swap gifts.

I allowed Big boy to open them, he took forever to remove the sellotape!! It was something I always did as a child, it drove my Sister crazy. I can now relate to how that feels.


Upon opening he immediately did this!

I love them both so much. I started using the pin cushion straight away! But have yet to decide which door to use the door stop on. I might just have to use it as a paperweight in my sewing area, just so I can keep on looking at it.
A reminder to me, of this wonderful and generous crafting community.

Cheerio for now,
X Mandy

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm in!!!!

Sign ups for DQS7 is happening now!

I've been watching and waiting, ever so patiently, for Doll Quilt Swap #7 to start. The sign ups will close at the end of the week OR when a total of 200 participants has been reached. Half way might have already been reached! So, if your interested, go here, quick sticks. Check out the sign up info thread, as to how to proceed.
I'd better get my a into g and finish off this kiddies quilt swap.
Which I now can, as I picked up my free-motion foot yesterday.

It's another sneaky peak as it's another secret swap, although to the recipients Mum, it will probably be glaringly obvious! I don't think she reads my blog. That's alright if she does though, sometimes it's good to know something is actually being done.

Cheerio for now
X Mandy

I'll be back tomorrow with photo's of what the lovely Maree, of 'On My Verandah', made for me in the 'Paper Bag Swap'. Gorgeous......Divine......Pretty......Love, Love, Love.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Paper Bag Swap is in the envelope!

I'm so excited about sending this off. I wish I could see Maree's face when she opens it.
Here's a couple of sneaky peeks for you Maree. Yes! I made them as obscure as I could. Oh I do LOVE giving pressies, especially those I've made. I just wish I had more time for it.

Can you guess?

If your the first to guess correctly, I'll make one similar for you.
It can be to celebrate Mand-a-Lin passing the 50th post mark.

Leave a comment before Monday 20th July.
I'll post internationally.

Thanks for visiting
Cheerio for now
X Mandy

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday Stash #7 and a Bag sneaky peek

A few more Sydney Quilt Show goodies. Finally I have a couple of Tula Pink 'Flutterby'. Such an original style of designing fabric. I thoroughly admire the lateral thinking. I can't remember what the other ones are, opps. I've delayed posting pics as I have mislaid my camera battery! I wanted to take a better picture, this one is quite shocking. I know what I have to do, I have to buy another battery, so that the other one will turn up!!

The Sneaky Peek

It's another Melly & Me 'Meadow' bag. This one is for Susi, a Flickr pal, she's sending me a painting in return. Only expenditure is fabric, time and postage. As with most Mums, I have more than enough of the first, snatches of the second and once a week for the third. I'm determined to post this week, along with my July Pinwheel blocks. When the bag and blocks are done I'll be finishing off the Kiddies Quilt. I borrowed a wedge template from Jane, and am quite pleased with what I managed to achieve. It's a secret partner swap so no pics, not even sneak peeks, not yet anyway. My 'Paper Bag' swap is still sitting pretty, patiently waiting. It's a good thing I know exactly what I'm doing with that. I'm very keen to start that project, so I should get off here and go sew!

Cheerio for now then
X Mandy

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ist Draft

Look what we're doing?

Jane and I have decided to resurrect a group we belong to on Flickr. The original Admin has pulled out, and as I was the first person to join the group, the admin for it fell to me. Jane had already made all her pinwheels, so we decided to keep it going. The original Admin hadn't, as yet, shared the finished layout, so we've made our own. This is a true collaboration of creative minds, and we are quite silly with excitement.

Stay tuned!
X Mandy