Monday, August 29, 2011

Recent Swap

Scrappy Mug Rug Swap, the Haiku round!

I received my adorable mug rug today, boy did it put a smile on my face! 'Kinda Obsessed', lol, you could say that, you'd be right if you did. And my DH would wholeheartedly agree, hee hee. Jan pegged me fair and square, I love, love, love it!

It's so much having little quilts other people have made for me, around me. The crosses quilt came from Leah, the gal pals from Dolores and now the obsessed lass from Jan. I just love swaps!

I hope my little free wheeling hexagon mug rug doesn't take too long to arrive at my partners.

cheerio for now!
x Mandy

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

DQS11 ~finished

DQS11 ~finished by mandalin18
DQS11 ~finished, a photo by mandalin18 on Flickr.

and posted!

I'm so pleased with how this one finished up, the neighbourhood cat has given it his seal of approval too! phew!

I enjoyed every process making this mini, from the fabric to the paper piecing to the quilting. And I smiled when I handed it over to the post lady. Hopefully it'll make a quick journey, as I have to come clean and say I'm late!!! I've always flown close to the wind in sending my quilties, but this time, well, I missed the first few tides.

cheerio for now,
thanks for visiting.

I really enjoy reading your comments, but don't seem to have enough time these days to reply. Perhaps it's because I'm sewing more, how ironic!

xox Mandy

Saturday, August 20, 2011

DQS11 ~top finished

DQS11 ~top by mandalin18
DQS11 ~top, a photo by mandalin18 on Flickr.


It's finished, well the top anyway! I've put my heart and soul into this little pretty. I love it immensely. Hard to give away? No! I loved making it for this particular person, and I will be thrilled when she finally receives it.

The top finished at 17.5", and it now looks like a mini medallion to me, rather than an intricate 12" block, yay! Some simple quilting tomorrow, probably a fair bit, but nothing grand. Except maybe in the border before the 1/2" squares. Dunno, not sure about the binding either. I have an urge to use a hunter green, I've not enough of the pink, which would have worked beautifully.

I'm having to post to my blog from Flickr as I can't access blogger!! *sigh*

Cheerio for now,
x Mandy

Wednesday, August 17, 2011


DQS11 by mandalin18
DQS11, a photo by mandalin18 on Flickr.

racing to the finish line!

x Mandy