Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I've joined a Swap!

International Women's Day Swap

So, my first ever blog swap. I've wanted to do a swap ever since I entered Blogland. I always felt unsure though, as not only am I a novice blogger, I am also a novice sewer. So this fat 1/4 swap was very much within my comfort zone, and such a fab reason for doing one. Here are the details.

1. People can join the swap until 20 Feb.
2. We'll each purchase, or dig out of our stash - 4 FQs - these will be purple, green &/or white, or a combination of these colours - these colours have been chosen in honour of the suffragettes.
3. I'll draw swap partners on 21 Feb and let you know who is with who.
4. We'll all mail our parcels by 23/24 Feb - this should ensure that our swap partner receives their parcel on or before 8 March.
5. If we receive our parcel before 8 March, we'll put it aside and wait patiently until 8 March to open it. [I'll struggle with this one].
6. On 8 March, we'll open our parcels and put a post up on our blogs with a photo of our lovely purple, green & white fabrics.

GO HERE to register

Seems pretty straight forward to me! And who doesn't like getting fabric surprises in the mail, come on, join in. Here's my example of green and purple (not that I have anymore of this fabric available for this swap, it's all spoken for). Oh I'm looking forward to this. Thanks for hosting Kelly. Now all I have to do is work out how to put the button on my blog. Mmm, gonna have to ask for help.

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Kelly said...

Thanks for joining Mandy! I'll be sending you your partner's name soon.
Kelly :-)