Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Swap catch-up #1

Mini QT Swap on Flickr

This really gorgeous quilt came from Amy, of AFriend2 on Flickr.
These swaps are not secret, we are paired up by the swap mama, and it is up to us to contact each other and discuss our hopes for the quilt coming to us. The theme was beach/underwater, and I'm sure you can quess which way Amy and I decided to go! There are many aspects to Amy's quilt that I adore. I really think she has managed to give that underwater, gentle current sway feeling to her quilt.

The quilting on the clam is stunningly accurate.

The disappearing mermaids tail adds just the right amount of whimsy.

French knots and squealy fab quilting on the outside of the tentacles.

More french knots on a completely darling starfish!
Plus button seashells. *sigh*

The label! Too, too cute!

Amy also sent me an, oh to die for, pincushion! Which she printed herself! And we are doing another one-on-one swap. I get to have more of Amy's adorable prints, and I will send her a 'My Hugul', plus something else.....not to be revealed here....yet!

Darn, thought I'd taken photo's!

Be back in a couple of days with Swap catch-up #2 post, 'The Doll Quilt Swap', your in for another treat people. I have been so very fortunate lately, very, very fortunate!! Of course you can always nip over to Flickr and check out my photostream there!?!

Cheerio for now
x Mandy


Amy said...

Thanks Mandy! I am glad that you like it. I really enjoyed being your partner and getting to know you!

Michelle said...

I can't decide if I like the tentacles or the tail better - they both add so much to the scene!