Saturday, April 16, 2011

Remember this block?

Well, I made some more!
These went out to the ladies in hive #22 in the 3x6 bee on Flickr.

I love this Bee and found it easy to. Be. On. Time!!! Something I struggle with in most swaps. Once I made the block decision and had fun pulling fabric from my stash to each persons request, making the blocks was easy peasy puddin' an' pie! I've already decided on the next quarters block and am waiting (!!) for each persons colour requests!!

I'll post about the ones I received as soon as I take a picture of them. My colour request was red, purple and aqua with grey as a background. I LOVE all the ones I received!!!

Cheerio for now, bee back soon!
x Mandy

1 comment:

DeeRoo said...

"Bee back soon!" Aren't you clever?!:)

Those blocks are lovely!

Speaking of been thinking?:)