Monday, July 25, 2011

DQS11 ~ a start!

Well, goodness me, knock me over with a feather, I've started! I'm usually a slow coach with mini's, completing just before the deadline. But I'm fired up about this one, I'm loving the process of finishing a border and then turning my creativity on to the next one.

So, here's the medallion middle and first border....measuring 5"

And the second hst one....just a tad over 8" now

I'd planned to put a flying geese border next, but am now thinking of a plain strip one. A large majority of medallion quilts that I found on google, have these strip borders between the pieced ones. More thought needed, ho hum....I do have a Dolly mini quilt to finish for a good friend in Virginia!!

Cheerio for now then,
xx Mandy


Rachaeldaisy said...

I love it!! You've left us with a cliff hanger- which border will she do next...

randi said...

oh wow! these are very pretty blocks!

nickyH said...

lovely colours and patterns Mandy xx