Monday, January 16, 2012

so what's New?

Well...........I'm making a row robin quilt! Huh, I hear some of you say.

Okay, so I'm part of a group of 7 or 8. And to start off, each member of the group makes a row of blocks, to finish up 48" wide. We each use the colours, and maybe a theme, which is an indication, to the rest of the group, of the direction we'd like our quilt to go in. We post it off to a specific row robin pal in the group, we each only ever send to the same person. And of course, we receive a row from a row robin pal. We then add a row of blocks to the row we received, and pass it onto the same pal we posted to before. She has, of course, added a row to the row she received, and has posted it to her usual row robin pal. And on and on it goes, until we all receive a complete quilt top in the mail, which has on it, the row we made for ourselves. I so loved this idea!

We decided to only use fabric from our stash, although we can send some background fabric for continuity if we'd like. Not too much though, as keeping the postage down is desirable for all. Even though we decided to make our rows 48" wide, we are leaving the height of each row to each sewist.

Here are the fabrics I pulled for my row, I decided to go with courthouse steps. My row is 10" high (finished), I put extra on the ends to stretch it to the 48". Actually I'd better check it's not too long, yikes! Oh, if it is I'll just, well I don't know, but I'll fix it.

I wasn't totally convinced by the end right one, but pushed on regardless.
It worked out just fine! Yay!
My friend Suzy, a fellow quilter, gave me that fab book for Christmas. I find I refer to it a lot!

Not a great photo, but we are having sooooo much rain, ugh, which makes for poor light in my old house. Plus it was taken by a young person, I think I was talking at the time as well. Something along the lines of, 'is my head in the picture' or 'you sure you can see my feet'? A bit hard to smile and talk, I don't know how those product pushing people in the tv ads do it!

Also, anybody swooning? I've started to make some 32" swoon blocks today, with my Echo fat 1/4's. A fat 1/4 of each fabric isn't enough to follow the pattern exactly while making 32" blocks, so I'm mixing it up a little. I'm having fun with it, will share by the end of the weekend. Or sooner on Flickr!

Thanks for popping by,
cheerio for now,
x Mandy


Lynne S of Oz said...

Cute row robin! DH loves to take the most unflattering pics of me, then he tells me that is how I look. your young person did just fine!

Rachaeldaisy said...

A Row Robin, What a fun idea!! I love the fabrics you've used and they look great as Courthouse Steps. I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with! Your Swoon blocks will be fun in Echino!!!