Friday, March 30, 2012

Swoon update...

so Swoon blocks #3 and #4 are finished, thanks to the motivation from the ever lovely Rachaeldasiy, encouragement from Chris Jurd and the Blackheath gang.

Making the backing was a horror, I had to add a 3" final border all round for it to be big enough. So pinning then became a nightmare, "are the sides equal" was running around in my mind constantly, and I found myself going round & round & round around the table. So I went lateral, and made it wonky on purpose!!! lol, how liberating, flicked that stress outta my mind! It is the back after all.

I've entered it into the Springwood Community Quilt Show. Which is on Fri 27th April to Sun 29th April 2012. Open 10am to 4pm each day. It's a lovely local Quilt Show, with lots of goodies on sale. Take a visit if your around, you won't be disappointed, pinky promise!

Hand quilting it as you read!
x Mandy

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dolores said...

Ack! I love Echo...have a few of them myself and they talk to me every time I pass them in the shop!:)

That is the perfect block to showcase that lovely collection. Can't wait to see the finished thinks this needs to go to the retreat!;)