Sunday, November 11, 2012

design wall

I think I'm in need of one

A low volume green and blue cot quilt in the making. Cheer me on as I'm aiming to finish it by Friday! I'm hoping this design will come together easily and quickly, and that I'll be able  to eventually make them in my sleep. Part of a Christmas stock plan for my Mandalin space at the Nook in Leura. I want to make a pink/purple one after this one and then a red/yellow. I'm loving red and yellow at the moment. How about you, what's your fave duo colour combo right now?

Anywho, back to it
x Mandy

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Rachaeldaisy said...

Lol!! I read a blog where someone has two little kittens that would run up her design wall and knock any blocks off. You quilt is really pretty in those lovely blues and greens. The red and yellow sounds fun too. I don't have a favourite colour combo at the moment, just colourful colours.