Monday, March 4, 2013

playing with fat eighths

I've always been drawn to the little wooden box full of repro 30's fat eighths in a local quilt shop, but I'd never bought any, just looked and patted. Last visit was different, there was one that jumped into my hand, and I just could not put it back. The only thing to do was pick a few more! Driving home I tried to think of the best way to use these precious little beauties. Hst's seemed the obvious choice! I played with many patterns, and had to modify them as one of the eighths was cut short! gahhhh

I really, really love the result!

It made me wonder, as usual, what it would look like as a whole quilt. 
I logged onto Big Huge Labs, used Mosaic Maker, repeating the same photo,
and ta dahhhh!!!

 Isn't that just the coolest thing, ever! 

I want to make it sooooooooo bad! I love that yellow star! I love the red centers and I love the dark diamonds. So..........big quantry, cause I have to admit I get rather bored sewing the same fabric into the same block! Patience isn't my best virtue! The other thing I have to consider is, could I get enough of all those fabrics anyway? I'm wondering whether to change the fabrics totally. Say, use my multitude of Lizzy House pearl bracelet fabrics, with a white background, the colour combinations are almost endless. Or perhaps my Architextures, again with a white background. Oh the possibilities....... Stay tuned, as I think I'll be making these blocks at a Quilt Retreat on Saturday.

Oh the excitement!

cheerio for now
x Mandy


Cindy Sharp said...

It looks great

Anonymous said...

the block looks great.I love the colours. The whole quilt layout looks like it would be fun to make.

dolores said...

That looks awesome! What a great idea using the mosaic maker.

How about making the same block using the same colors but different fabrics?!:)

Molly said...

I'm really loving this too! What a great use of HSTs. I think you should definitely keep going on this one!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Mandy , this is awesome!! I was going to say what Dolores said, make it with the same colours but different fabrics to keep your interest up.