Monday, December 1, 2008

Once in a lifetime.............

Our evening out in Sydney was fantastic. Two gals from the mountains, drove into the big city and immersed ourselves in Amy's warmth and creative persona. We were dazzled, truly motivated and valet parked. First time in my life, what a hoot!

The following line is what I initially came away with buzzing in my head.

'Do what you love, and love what you do'

At first it sounds too idealistic to be realistic, but thinking further, what I think Amy was hoping to get across to us. Was that if you want joy from what you do, you have to stay true to what you love. Don't give up on it, don't lose sight of it. Don't dilute or temper it. And go for it! Don't hold back. Live it, breathe it, be it. Have courage and conviction, but don't be hasty, let it evolve at it's own pace. Walk when it walks and run when it runs.

(I wrote that last week, I wasn't sure if it sounded too daft. But I've re-read it, and it still resonates true, so I'll leave it).

Neither Jane or I took a camera with us. Ho hum. Too excited?

I have taken a picture of my signed book and of the fabric I bought. But I'm still waiting, for 'im indoors, to be able to download them. I'll do a second post later this week of them, (hopefully).

Santa's bringing me my very own camera for Christmas, I'll be able to blog more confidently and frequently then. Yeehar. If anybody out there can recommend their camera, which they find blogging easy with, could they let me know.

In January I'll be able to show what I'm making at the moment. I don't want to put them on the blog just yet, as I want them to remain a surprise on Christmas morning for my Mum and Sister.

Happy Blogging,

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Suzie said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! What you wrote is really true, I love what I do and it is always nice to meet people that feels the same! I'd love to see your bag! Have a lovely week!