Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Giveaway Prize

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The winner is in Australia, woo hoo, but it's not me *sigh*. I do count that as a near miss though! I'm very happy for Emma of Sampaguita Quilts, who is the lucky winner.

Isn't this a wonderful little Quilt!
And yes!!! It's the prize in a giveaway.
I had to enter, and get the 3 extra entry's for putting it on my blog.
I can hear all the stories from my boys about space chases with rockets and spaceships. It's called 'Sunrise' and as an adult I can see that. But I know my boys will see a planet, stars and the universe.

If you'd like to enter too, pop along here and leave a comment.

Too easy I say

Good Luck!
X Mandy

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