Saturday, August 22, 2009

DQS7 Top Finished

Now ALL I have to do is quilt it! I've decided to hand quilt on the orange solid only, Therefore hoping the small triangles and center with plump up!! Although I also might follow a few of the fruit lines in the center as well. Not sure. And I've decided to follow the star shape, in ever increasing circles. Well that's the plan in my head, will have to see if it's achievable.

Also been doing a bit of this. The blocks are sewn into 7 rows, I now have to finalize their arrangement. I did have them numbered, but have noticed that a couple of the same block ,are too close to each other. Not a big deal, just that my eye goes to them instantly every time I look at it. I'm liking the colours together, I'm liking it a lot actually. But I'll probably offer it for sale at my children's School 'Falls Art Fest' in October.

Back into the garden for me now, it's too nice to be inside today.
X Mandy


Maree: said...

Your DQ is Lovely as are your blocks...all coming along nicely..
Enjoy your Quilting...

Kathleen said...

i had the same problem with the ORBQ blocks....I did not like the way the eye was drawn to my darker colours... it would have worked years go as a country style or traditional quilt but I would not want it in my i reworked it into something else. I also did not want to use the fabrics which everyone was using as so many of the quilts saw ended up looking almost mass produced but because of the limited amount of fabrics that were originally recommended mine just did not work for me.

Yours looks great but I understand why you will be giving it to the school to sell.