Monday, September 7, 2009

DQS7 posted

Here is my finished Doll Quilt for Swap #7.

A close up of the quilting, I finally decided on.
I tried free motion, liked what I did, but decided on something simpler.
I used a 1/4" masking tape, but could have probably got by without it.


My local 'Falls art fest' is approaching again soon, 23rd to 25th October 2009. There is a web site this year, so pop over here and take a look. I've decided to do some pencil cases and small bags. Even though all my large bags went last year, I don't realistically have the time. I also thought about button hair slides, just not too sure how to attach the self covered button to the hair grip. I should finish off a couple of small quilt tops I've had hanging around, now that I have my free-motion foot. Yes I will, it's so daft to not finish them.

Enough computer time for today
Cheerio for now,
X Mandy

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isabel said...

And I have already received. It's lovely and fits very well on my wall! Thanks Mandy for your dedication and great talent!