Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My home from home is....

the Post Office at the moment!
Oh no, I'm not complaining, I'm lovin' it!

This little parcel below went to a lovely Lady in South Australia. For whatever reason......she never received a DQS7 swap little quilt.

'ere tis.
I so LOVED making this.

I'm pretty sure it's all Kaffe Fassett fabrics mixed with cream linen and cotton solids. I've wanted to try the half square triangle blocks for quite a while. I'll definitely make another, but much larger (bed sized), and have rows of zig-zags which will change direction once or twice, like in Megs Doll quilt. The Kaffe fabrics were purchased as a mixed lot of 5" squares in an auction, eons ago. Hence the reason for so much pink!

I wanted to do a pieced back, and found all these little pieces in my stash that went great with a square that I didn't want to mix with the others on the front. My only regret, is that I didn't make the time to do a more classy label, ho hum, next time.

I love squiggly quilting, I just think of it as drawing with a pencil, trying not to get boxed into a corner with nowhere to go, but off the fabric. It works for me, mind you I still haven't tried it on a big quilt, yet!

Anyhow, that's me for the moment.
Cheerio for now

X Mandy

Oh, to come in a few weeks....

3 quilt swaps, they all need posting by the end of October! All heading off this isle, so I have to have them finished earlier. I'm aiming to post them all by the 21st, which should give them ample time to reach their destinations.
1. 6" (max) oh too cute, how could I resist that swap. Posted, yeah!

2. 13" x 17" (ish) placemat swap. How long can it take !?! Fabrics cut & layout finalized.
3. 15" x 15" (max) quilt. No worries, I'm an expert now. Fabrics picked.

I'm on target, but........

I also have the "Falls ArtFest" starting on Friday 23rd October, ooops!
So far I've made -
1 x handbag - 1 x zippered pencil case, no lining - 1 x zippered pencil case, with lining - 2 x zippered purses with lining - 8 x fabric Christmas gift drawstring bags.

So.....I guess I'd better finish this post!

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Cardygirl said...

Cute quilt...I am sure she will love it! Look forward to seeing the other things you are up to!