Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Fresh Modern Bee blocks

I really enjoyed working with the all the deep purple linen that Viv sent, so soft and floppy!! The print was also fun, with sparrows, hummingbirds and foliage, and the little bit of orange made for a striking combination. Other people in the bee were given the opposite quantities of the solid fabrics, and their printed calico had spiderwebs and grubs on it. It's sure to be an amazing quilt!!

Here are the blocks I made.

I fell off my non buying fabric wagon in January, but I've been a good fabric addict so far in February. Here's the new January additions to the stash. Oldies but goodies, and colours I have very few off in my stash. I can ALWAYS justify buying fabric!!

So........what is this pile then, know how I said I wouldn't do any more quilt alongs until I'd finished some quilts! Well........I've fallen off that wagon too! But I do get to finally use my blue and green Amy Butler fabrics. I've had some of these since I started my stash!

This stack of lovelies is destined to be a Single Girl Quilt by Denyse Schmidt. I truly have always loved that quilt. So when I spied that a Support Group had emerged in Flickr and one of the three leading the way was Katy from I'm a ginger monkey blog fame, I just had too! And as the Flickr name suggests, it is a support group, a hand holding, you can do it group!

Not that it's a tricky quilt, so we've been told often, but there is a lot of preparation. Each finished block is huge at approx 22" squares, and made of 4 quarters, each quarter has around 8 different fabrics in an arc, so the whole block has a squarish circle in it. These circles then touch each other when the blocks are sewn together!!!! There are 31 pieces to the circle and the pattern calls for 36!?! No, I haven't read the pattern, it only arrived today. I think I'll read it, and note my questions and then ask my fellow Single Girl Quilters. I have to get some more plastic for the templates before I can start anyway. I didn't think I had enough, but now I'm sure. I hope I manage more than one block, I'll definitely keep you posted!!

Cheerio for now,
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x Mandy


Rachaeldaisy said...

Fabulous blocks!! We wont hold it against you for falling off wagons. Especially when you show us those lovely fabrics and tell us your doing the single girl quilt, I must say I was tempted... but i'll enjoy watching yours come to life instead.

DeeRoo said...

Oh you are bad!! Enabler!! Telling us about another quilt along!! And the buttons has a square in grey....oh....resist....resist!!:)

Your stack of fabric is that what you want to use for your single girl?

Magnetic Island Artist Edward Blum. said...

I enjoy looking at all craft and art blogs. You are a reninder why. I am constantly amazed at the talent and creativity that exists. The warmth and creativity you give to work is incredable. Thank you.