Friday, January 28, 2011

I'm in the Fat Quarterly e-zine!

I felt overwhelmingly compelled to 'give it a go' for this Fat Quarterly Design Challenge. The brief was to design a 'cross' block using solids. I had so many idea's swarming around in my head I had to check myself. Lynne over at 'Lily's Quilts' explained K. I. S. S. a short while ago, Keep It Simple Stupid!!! That's exactly what I did when I designed this block. can you make a simple cross block look new?

How about this!

My main thought was how the block would look multiplied in a quilt, and how could I make more crosses when they were! There still had to be a recognisable cross in the block, that didn't get lost, so I used a different colour palette for it. And I wanted to have as many colours as I could without it looking too busy, and to illustrate how solids can be dramatic, but subtle also. I have Aqua's galore so this seemed the obvious choice. The four corner squares make a whole jewelled tone square when the blocks are complied and the repeated longer aqua strips make the additional cross arms.

Like this...

I also put together a tutorial for the e-zine, which was also amazingly used. Hope I wrote it okay, I'm a little worried it doesn't read correctly, or I missed out a step, or the measurements are wrong. I hope it was checked. If anyone has any questions about the tutorial, please just ask!!

Goodness, what an exciting day that was!

Cheerio for now,
x Mandy


Angela said...

great job designing the block mandy! I love blocks that come together to form a seamless pattern. So cool!

Laney said...

Congratulations! And I love your block/quilt design. I was the one you sent fabric to in the ORBC May/spring swap last year. I am still enjoying the fabrics you sent! (lrmcdonald2000 on flickr)

Amy said...

Go you! It's a great design!

Rachel said...

I love the block you designed! Plus, after seeing your name on the contributors page I had to come over and say "hi" as I'm a Lyddon too! Not a name you see very often, at least here in the UK.
Rachel x

Rafael's Mum said...

What a lovely blog! congrats on being in the mag. this quilt deserves it!

dawlishgreen said...

Congratulations Mandy, I knew you could do it,after spending time with you in Australia I realised how much your sewing means to you and how many friends you have made, keep enjoying,(Mand-a-Lins Mum)