Monday, June 22, 2009

More Sydney Quilt Show goodies

This is one of the items I went looking for. It's not the exact one I had in mind, I couldn't find that one. But still, I am absolutely sure it will be used, and it means the ironing board doesn't have to be up as much. Guessed what it is?

Here it is open. The folder has an ironing surface on one side with a cutting mat on the other. Great for paper piecing or any project that requires only a little bit of ironing. I only have a small area to work in, which is fast filling up. I needed to put the ironing board down, because I was tending to use it like a shelf! Too messy looking, even for me!

And there's Melly's book "Kaleidoscope". I walked into the Quilt Show on Thursday, blinkers on, route to stand F34 memorised, it was my 1st purchase. It's just lovely, I HAVE to finish some WIP's before I start the "Kokeshi Friends Stitchery". I am very determined to start though. But Susi's bag has to be finished and posted to Germany (very nearly there). And my Paper Bag Swap is sitting close by, just waiting for me to start. Then there is the Old Red Barn Quilt-along strips to finish (nearly there on that one too). Thank goodness the sun is shining so I can put the washing out on the line, rather than on the inside drying rack where the remainder of the strips are still hanging.

Cheerio for now
X Mandy


Jennifer Paganelli said...

I absolutely love inspiring.

Kathleen said...

Mandy that is so perfect for we who are space deficent..or in my case plain not like to put my ironing board away when I get it out.

In my defense it is such a great height for me for cutting things out and doing all sorts of things without straining the neck.

But this is such a fabulous idea because I was thinking I need one of those titsy Clover irons for crafting and that would be a great thing to go with it.

Maree said...

I saw this too at the show...Love all your purchases & I also met the lovely Cathy from prints charming.....OH Yes you got me...I knew you read my blog so I was very careful...Thanks for stopping by & leaving your lovely comments...
I'm off to check out the Vintage the wrapping..