Wednesday, June 17, 2009

YAY!!!! my Swap finally arrived

40 days it took

40 long days
it's now with my Swap Partner

This is what my Swap partner, Abby, made for me. I was so caught up with my parcel going astray, staying overnight in Sydney, the Quilt Show, being behind in sewing, children, dreary rainy days, that I kept putting off taking and therefore posting pictures.

Isn't it fab
Abby did a great job, and I love the quote.
It's something I forget sometimes.

I've learnt a lot about swaps, and swap etiquette in the past few weeks.
I've also been reminded, not personally, about writing and receiving emails. I must be one of the few people left, who chooses, not to have a mobile phone. So I don't always get text-speak, and the seemingly shortness of communication. I mean it took me weeks to work out what "lol" meant! I think it might come from loving books, sooooo much. I've been transported by books ever since a could read, I get caught up and thoroughly immerse myself in a story. So, I think I love words, and putting words together. I see it as an art, rather than just communication. Hmmm, I feel a novel coming on, so I'll stop right here! lol!

Cheerio for now
X Mandy

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rachelmp said...

I'm so glad it arrived Mandy! What a long time, but at least it found its way at last..