Monday, December 28, 2009

Kokeshi Doll Love

Kokeshi dolls......what is it about them that makes me love them so? Is it because, as a child, I don't think I really played with dolls, my Mum tells me I preferred Matchbox cars! Although I do remember that I had a biggish set of tiny dolls, who all wore their national costume. So maybe it springs from there. I just know that looking at these two, makes me cock my head to one side and smile.

They are both from this place, although they weren't bought on line, but in different retail shops in the UK. The one on the left is called NINTAI (Patience) and the other is JUNSHIN (a Pure and Simple Heart).

Yesterday, I found this shop on Etsy. I've promised myself that when I have enough $'s in my PayPal account, from sales in my Mandalin shop, I'm going to get one......or two, eeek!
The three things I managed to put in the shop have sold, oh excitement, so I'll be restocking this week with some pencil cases and a couple of other items.

Hope your all having a fabulous holiday.
Cherrio for now
X Mandy

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Dads Google Account said...

Love your picture of the Kokeshi dolls, they look so colourful, hope you get more from the shop on Etsy.
Happy New Year to you all
love you, Mumxx