Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A New Bag

Finished this one today, and I'm loving it.

As well as liking the look of a bag, it also has to sit well on my shoulder, and this one does a great job of that. It really annoys me when a bag keeps slipping off my shoulder, I just simply won't use it again. I'd make a little adjustment to the width of the strap, not much, just a smidgin'. All in all, a successful flying by the seat of my pants, let's see what happens when I......

The fabrics are Wonderland by MoMo, Arcadia charm squares by Sanae (they came from Katy, thanks again Katy). And some of the Kona cotton that arrived on Monday, mid grey (lining). I bought several Kona cottons, along with the mid grey came coal, snow, cactus and everglade. I won't be able to buy homespun cotton at spotlight again, Kona really is a superior quality and fabulous to work with. And buying from the US at the moment is really quite good!

The other finish I've had this week is my first cushion cover.

This was a heap of fun! It was one of ten samples I've put forward to a community run art & craft shop here in the Blue Mountains. It only stocks art & craft made in the Blue Mountains, and has been going since 1996. The monthly meeting was tonight, hopefully they will think my work will fit in and find me a space. If so I'll have to get busy, not that you'll hear me complaining. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

And so to bed
Cheerio for now
X Mandy

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Kathleen said...

have read about that arts and crafts place...well done getting your work in there

love the bag btw