Friday, December 18, 2009

mostly pictures!

Teacher's present

Placemat Swap received from issacsmama. LOVE this sooooo much!

And the placemat I made for issacsmama.

This needle case was a gift from Hanies, it came with my Show & Tell block. I use it every time I sew. The triangles in the wonky star are ever so teeny tiny. Adorable!

This is the block I made for Skipper, from our Bee Crazy Flickr group.

This super divine 5" square sweetie came to me from Julie (fairbanksfancygoods), for the Teeny Tiny Mini Swap. Look closely, there are lots of sequins and seed beads as well as the outer beads. This sits on my bedside table, too precious to be mislaid in my sewing area.

And lastly this is the fabric postcard swap I made for .....opppps, can't say just yet, it's still on it's way.

I think the idea was to post it, just like a real postcard. But I chickened out, it does have rather a long way to go, and the back is also fabric and I was worried the postage label would come off.

Okay. I think we're all caught up?
I've still some sewing to finish, just don't seem to be able to fit it all in.
Mmmm, actually I think I've possibly forgotten something. Oh dear, next time.

Cheerio for now,
X Mandy

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Abigail Leigh said...

I love the teachers presants.....super cute. And Love that Owl fabric : )