Friday, May 8, 2009

Been Busy

And it's going to stay that way, oh happiness.

1st to show are: 2 "Melly & Me" "Meadow" bags for my good friend Jane.

2nd: two blocks that are on their way to Germany! A young lass (anyone under 30 is a young lass in my book!), on Flickr, asked for donations of 12" blocks. They will be made up into a quilt, and go around shows, taken by her local Quilt Shop. They were scraps from my stash, took no time to make, cost $4= to send, and were a lot of fun to make!!

3rd: The start of a 9 patch quilt, a quilt-along suggested by "Crazy Mom Quilts". We do a 9 patch a day, until we have 70! A lot of us can't stop at one a day though, I have done 6 tonight! I was playing catch up though. But it would have been oh so easy to just keep going. I'm using charm squares I've had for ages, I'm pairing them up and using the same fabric for the centres, I'm adding from the stash too. I'm not going to buy any fabric for this one!

4th: Spring Swap is posted, yay! I'm so glad it's on it's way to Abby. I so enjoyed being part of this Swap, I've joined a few more (opps, hee hee). I LOVED having to create within guidelines, and having a deadline! I hope she likes what I came up with. Here's a sneek peak.

I'm going to have to put a WIP list on my sidebar, I need to keep track of all my projects. I might do a 'projects in the pipeline' list to, I need reminding of what I want to do as well! Like the 'Ginger Spice' quilt, which I've already bought backing and background fabric for. There's going to be a lot of finishes this year.

cheerio for now,


Maree said...

WOW.! You have Been Busy...Love the fabrics in the bags they are Gorgeous...Nice Blocks & Your 9-patch is coming along ...a Very productive time you have had...

magikquilter said...

love the bags..especially the second one.

I am a huge fan of nine patch blocks...have about four quilts on the go using nine is really hard to stop at one a day isn't it?

Aimee said...

Your 9 patch squares are so beautiful! I really like the colors you've chosen.