Sunday, May 10, 2009

Sunday Stash #4

So......this is part of my Kaffe Fassett fabric collection. Yup, there's more. But not quite as much as my Amy Butler collection!
Mmmm, you see why this year HAS to be a year full of finishes.

I blame and LOVE my Mum for my collecting habit. Mum loved collecting Blue & White china, she loved it even more if she got it from a Car Boot Sale. Therefore our Kitchen was FULL of fantastic china. My Dad put shelves on every available kitchen wall to house jugs and teapots. They were mainly blue & white, but also Mason greens, Clarice Cliff oranges, and a lot of Torquay ware (of which I have a small collection of, as they hail from my birth part of the world). It was Mum's passion, it still is, and I Thank You Mum, for giving me the gift of appreciating colour and form and texture, and for passing on to me, the collecting bug.

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Kate said...

I love your Kaffe fabric - my Mum is a blue and white china collector too - so now my sisters and I are as well.