Sunday, July 19, 2009


Favs for DQS7
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My inspiration mosaic for DQS7

A lot of us in DQS7 are creating these mosaic's (using fd's Flickr Toys). It gives our secret partner some clues as to what colours and shapes we love in a quilt. I guess it's a mood board.
I've created links to all photo's listed. If you love one of these pictures (how can you not?) go visit these people on Flickr, let them know.

1. quilt (finished), 2. broken star, 3. Log Cabin Quilt Top, 4. IMG_1346, 5. Sew Connected 2- July take 1, 6. Kaffe Fassett circles, 7. Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show 016, 8. Kaffe Fassett Wheel of Fortune, 9. hexagons, 10. Dutch Pinwheels Quilt, 11. DQS 6??? shall we sew??, 12. Ripple, 13. Pet Hate, 14. Quilt 5, 15. green kaleidoscope quilt, 16. Kaffe Fassett Morning Garden Quilt

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Jennifer Paganelli said...

cant wait to try this..