Saturday, July 18, 2009

Paper Bag Swap goodies

A huge thank you to Maree for these Paper Bag Swap gifts.

I allowed Big boy to open them, he took forever to remove the sellotape!! It was something I always did as a child, it drove my Sister crazy. I can now relate to how that feels.


Upon opening he immediately did this!

I love them both so much. I started using the pin cushion straight away! But have yet to decide which door to use the door stop on. I might just have to use it as a paperweight in my sewing area, just so I can keep on looking at it.
A reminder to me, of this wonderful and generous crafting community.

Cheerio for now,
X Mandy


Maree said...

So Glad you Like them Mandy...

Robyn said...

Oh they're very lovely!!
I do hope you enjoy them...
Maree has done a beautiful job.