Monday, July 6, 2009

Sunday Stash #7 and a Bag sneaky peek

A few more Sydney Quilt Show goodies. Finally I have a couple of Tula Pink 'Flutterby'. Such an original style of designing fabric. I thoroughly admire the lateral thinking. I can't remember what the other ones are, opps. I've delayed posting pics as I have mislaid my camera battery! I wanted to take a better picture, this one is quite shocking. I know what I have to do, I have to buy another battery, so that the other one will turn up!!

The Sneaky Peek

It's another Melly & Me 'Meadow' bag. This one is for Susi, a Flickr pal, she's sending me a painting in return. Only expenditure is fabric, time and postage. As with most Mums, I have more than enough of the first, snatches of the second and once a week for the third. I'm determined to post this week, along with my July Pinwheel blocks. When the bag and blocks are done I'll be finishing off the Kiddies Quilt. I borrowed a wedge template from Jane, and am quite pleased with what I managed to achieve. It's a secret partner swap so no pics, not even sneak peeks, not yet anyway. My 'Paper Bag' swap is still sitting pretty, patiently waiting. It's a good thing I know exactly what I'm doing with that. I'm very keen to start that project, so I should get off here and go sew!

Cheerio for now then
X Mandy

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