Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kiddies Quilt for the boys

The boys were very excited to open this parcel, as they knew it held something very special. A quilt made for them, and made (mostly) by another boy! Of course he had some help from Mum, but not that much! Read here, how proud one Momma is of her young man, and rightly so.

lots of tape to get through

but finally


that doesn't look like a quilt?

lots of other goodies inside!!

favourite kind of toys

ah, there it is, 'that's really cool Mum'

these were a hit too!!


Shanna said...

i'm so glad it made it there safely and that the boys loved it! we had lots of fun making it!

nickyH said...

Looks really good, just found this blog (with mums help)!! Boys look really well and the sofas look pretty good too! Hope all ok Nickyxxxxxxx