Thursday, October 2, 2008

Hello Blog World

After spending so much time reading other peoples blogs I decided I'd like to join in. I love to create with fabric, and these are the kind of blogs I usually visit for inspiration and motivation. I find it truely amazing that there are so many fantastic people out there willing to share their expertise and creativity. I'll list my favourite's when I work out how it's done!!!

My main passion is making bags, I'm not so good at finishing things and find bags have more of a chance to be completed. Melly & Me are my top favourite designers, I find their patterns so easy to follow and somehow personel. I have although made bags designed by Mum's Moment, Amy Butler, Indygo junction, Susan Rose Designs and of course Rosalie Quinlan. My all time favourite bag pattern is Rosalie's 'Naomi's bag'. It was the pattern that got me hooked on making bags. I have made quite a few and love to think of new ways to make it. I've just finished one using some Laurel Burch 'Ocean Song' fabrics, I'm very pleased how it turned out. I'll attempt to upload a picture in a later post. Meanwhile here are two using Heather Bailey's 'Freshcut'.
Now, how to post a picture. Hmmm.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, I get to be your first comment - woo-hoo!!!! Welcome to the world of blog and I hope you figure out all of the little tricks soon enough! Thanks so much also for your lovely email with all of the Fat Quarters club info - I hope you get to make the bag soon and have heaps of fun with Bonzer & Beaut!!
I love your "Naomi's little Carry Bags" - they are adorable! This was the first bag I ever sewed (on Rosalie's advice) and it started my sewing addiction and now my design addiction, so I love it a great deal! Enjoy the blog and thanks for the kudos!