Friday, October 17, 2008

Phew!!! Finished.

My little patch of table at the 'Falls Art Festival' is all set up, the hat stand is packed and everything is labelled and priced. Honey Hubby designed a Mandalin logo for me, made a small sign and business cards!!! It looks stunning. I am so thrilled. I have, of course, credited the design of each bag to the relevant people and put, made by Mandalin.
In total I have made 11 bags, 4 soft toys (my own design!! drum roll please, but more on that in a later post), a tablerunner, a picnic set - table cloth & cutlery roll (made from tea towels), 8 cards and 24 bookmarks. I'm plum tuckered out, but....... I've. Had. Soooooo much fun.
I can't believe I managed to finish the pinwheel tablerunner. I hand quilted it, like Rosie did in her book ‘Gift’, so satisfying, and I managed to mitre the corners of the binding. Proper binding too. My, can you tell I'm a little chuffed. It could also be due to lack of sleep. When I looked at the clock last night, thinking perhaps it was time for bed, it was 3:30 am!!!!! Needless to say I scurried to bed quicksticks.

Birdie Sling

Smart Handbag

Foldover Bag

Building Blocks

Harriet's Satchel


Cutie Pie

Simply Shopping

And here's the Laurel Burch Mermaid Naomi's Bag, which is also at the 'Falls Art Festival'. I decided to try a long messenger style handle with this one. The young woman I was thinking of when I made this bag, likes wearing them this way.

Bum. I can't find the pics of the tablerunner or picnic set. It'll have to wait for another time.

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