Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Latte Bag

These two bags were part of a small collection I made last year for an Art and Crafts festival held at my boys School. It's another Melly & Me design, which went together quite quickly. I like to experiment with how differently I can make the same bag, and this is a classic example. I throughly enjoyed the experience and have been busy again this year. For the 26th 'Falls Art Festival' I have managed to make 11 bags, they are all different styles and sizes. I've taken photo's but haven't quite managed to get them onto the computer. I'll do that next week hopefully. I've also made some cards with a patchwork theme and I'm trying to finish a soft toy I designed myself. I've also got an idea for a childs apron and some bookmarks and Library bags and hairbands. Oh boy, if only the hands could work as fast as my thinking!! Oh and I'm about to finish a tablerunner based on Rosalie Quinlan's pinwheel pattern in her book Gift. I've used a moda charm pack, Nell's Flower Garden, for the pinwheel's so mine is quite a bit louder than Rosalie's and, of course, a bit bigger. I couldn't waste fabric by reducing the size of the squares now could I.
So, back to it.

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