Monday, March 9, 2009

Charms Squares from Kylie's Stitch 'n Sew Giveaway

These are the 7" squares that I won on Kylie's Stitch 'n Sew Giveaway. I was blown away with the quantity, just under a 100! I'll definitely be making a quilt for the Bushfire Appeal with some of them.

These are my two favourite's. Although I am loving the purples a lot, and teaming them with some hot pink sashing, and black binding could be amazing.

But then again, I could do a rainbow quilt similar to a Mod Sampler option shown on Oh, Fransson!!
Oh dear, decisions, decisions.

But that's not all, as there were 5" squares as well. I think these are destined to be a quilt as you go bag. I really did enjoy making that bag, 'In The Pink' by JoyPatch. And I do have some Birthday bags to make. Sorted. Thank you so much Kylie. Be sure to go and visit her here.

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