Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Quilt Show

Airing of the Quilts - Katoomba - 21st & 22nd March 2009

One of my favourite's, below middle. I loved these stars.

There was some amazing quilting on this entrant

and this one had some gorgeous applique. Love the spotty background, which was very refreshing.

The complimentary stitching on the flowers was just the right amount.
In my opinion, of course.

I'm quite nervous posting these pictures. As I know of some other bloggers who have received grief from people, in regards to posting pics of other peoples quilts. We were allowed to take pictures at this show! I have specifically taken pictures that I hope means that the whole quilt cannot be replicated from. I am in no way claiming to have made these quilts or even designed them. I go to quilt shows to be inspired, and in posting these pictures I hope to pass on that inspiration.

Did I cover everything, probably not. Email me if you must.

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Maree said...

Mandy You did Good.!!Thanks for showing us this Quilt Show..I had heard about this during the week from a workmate who's Mum Quilts in that area...