Monday, March 16, 2009

second Quilt-along update

This is my final selection for the Quilt-along. I took out the lovely scrolly pink and supplemented it with a dot, the white on pink. I was also a little worried about it being a print with such a heavy directional pattern. I think the other dot evened out the blocks, I now have 6 large sized prints, 2 medium and 4 dots (2 white background and 2 coloured). These make me happy.

All carded and ready for sewing. I must say that these cards have been invaluable in keeping everything under control, block wise. I shall definitely use this system again, in fact I think you need to if your cutting out the whole quilt before a stitch is sewn. Especially a sampler quilt.

3 B blocks & 3 A blocks

the other 3 B blocks & 3 A blocks

Block C has just been blogged so I'm off to do that one. Take a look at the flickr quilt-along pool, I'm finding it fascinating to see everybody's fabric choices. The discussions are quite lively too!

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Maree said...

OH.!! I just love these fabrics..yet to add them to My Stash...Looking Lovely