Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Jane! Get yourself over to this giveaway.

and anyone else that reads this blog, of course. Let me know if you win.

March 31 086

Your going to love this one.
If I win a pillow, I'll give it to you for one of your girls. Let's get the pattern, one is for beginners! I'd love to do one for my niece. I have boys, they won't appreciate such pretty things. Yes I would love it, but you know what will happen to it in my house. Dogs, say no more.

March 31 131

I know, I've not felt this girly for quite some time. Probably since I was a girl, and then those moments were few and far between. I've started to ramble and digress, so I'll hop off now.
But before I go I'll just mention the Blog this giveaway is from (ahem).
Don't Look Now



Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm in love all over again. I have always wanted to do raw edged applique. Thanks in advance for the cushion. Lets do it.

Kellie said...

You've made me smaile girls! I hope you have fun making the pillows! I'm sure your dogs will love them! Good luck with the giveawy!